Our massage treatments


What kind of massage should you receive?


Traditional Thai massage focuses on massaging and squeezing muscles and muscle fibres that are deeper and cause pain and stiffness. By massaging, pressing, pulling, sometimes along with warming up / wrapping up with effective herbs, the relaxation of muscles and muscle fibres and joints is achieved. The swelling and inflammation decreases. The blood circulation is stimulated. You feel well and relaxed.

Thai oil massage

Nowadays, the fragrant oil vapors which are used in the traditional Thai massage are called Thai oil massage. Massage into the depths of muscles, muscle fibres and connecting parts of the muscles. The stiff muscles become supple will, function normally, thus alleviating the pain. The fragrance vapors help for amazing relaxation, which is appreciated by the customers / customers very much.

Aroma massage

Aroma massage is a soft, pleasant massage with fragrant oil for the whole body without heavy pressure on any part of the body. This leads to relaxation, well-being and easiness in general.

Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage uses basalt stone. Our ancestors believed that the basalt stone radiates a special energy. He is a symbol of bravery and bliss. It is used for the massage of painful areas and full-body massage for relaxation. The muscles regenerate faster. This application works against physical and psychological stress. The circulation, the lymphatic system and the body cells are promoted, cellulite reduced. The massage provides warmth for those who suffer from cold hands, cold feet and exhaustion.

Herbal stamp massage

Herbal stamp massage uses a variety of herbs. The herbal compress is heated by vapors and pressed while massaging on certain body parts. The vapors of the herbs penetrate through the skin. Their effect leads to the relaxation of the muscles that leads to muscle,muscle fibres and joints. At the same time, the circulation is stimulated.

Body peeling

Body peeling: Many young women today may not have the Time to take care of their own skin. The peeling to a method of skin care. During the exfoliation together with the massage with fragrant oil  gently remove the dead cells. The newly created cells get the required moisture, which potentially removes wrinkles. The cycle and the lymph work naturally. You feel deeply relaxed, and relieved from stress.

Foot reflexology massage

The feet are important organs of the human body, almost like a second heart. But the feet are the farthest part of the heart. Therefore, the foot reflex zone mass is important and vital

The foot reflexology massage is a naturopathic method in which the self-healing powers are obtained by the massage of specific zones and points on the foot. The treatment of the foot massage is successfully used in alternative medicine-preventive or therapy-accompanying or to increase the well-being.

Thai Therapeutical Massage
Thai therapeutic massage is a traditional form of bodywork that combines elements of acupressure, stretching exercises, and reflexology. It aims to harmonize the energy flow in the body, relieve tension, and improve flexibility. This form of massage is typically performed on a mat on the floor, with the therapist using their hands, elbows, knees, and feet to apply pressure and stretch the recipient’s body.

Strong Massage
A strong massage is an intense form of massage that uses deep pressure and vigorous techniques to release deep-seated tension and muscle knots. It aims to effectively alleviate muscle tension, promote blood circulation, and enhance overall body relaxation. This type of massage is particularly suitable for individuals with chronic muscle tension or those who prefer a more forceful massage.