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Thai massage to treat muscle related symptoms.
Solves knots and improves blood circulation in the body. Call and make an appointment at tel. (040) 76480082. Welcome!

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Thai Hau Massage & Spa in Hafen City Hamburg

Our Thai Hau massage is looking forward to your visit. Fully enjoy the best Thai massage in the HafenCity Hamburg.

Thai Hau Massage & Spa is a new health promoting haven in HafenCity. In the room full of fragrance of natural herbs, we spoil you with massage by experienced friendly staff. The peaceful and private atmosphere will leave you with an unforgettable impression. Our services are designed to relieve stress after a hard day’s work, exhaustion pain and body tension.  We can help you.

With every massage from 60 minutes you can
30 minutes sauna to bucken (+ 15Euro)

If for professional or personal reasons you do not have enough time to look after your precious skin, we recommend a body scrub by our trained staff. Even in summer, your skin will be very strained and may need help.

Traditional Thai massage is a science and an art  which has existed for a very long time. It simply arose from natural primordial instinct: when one felt pain or stiffening , you massaged yourself or another person tended the affected area. It felt better. This experience was passed from generation  to generation. A simple method evolved a multi-faceted branch of science that plays a major role in treating certain symptoms and diseases. (See textbook of traditional medicine, published by the Department of Health, Ministry of Health)